Please consult our dermatologist for the individualized treatment program tailored for your skin.
  Pigment blemishes  
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1 Epidermal pigment blemishes
i Freckles
ii Lentigines / lentigo
iii Seborrhoeic keratosis
2 Dermal pigment
i ABNOM / Hori's nevus
ii Nevus of Ota
iii Melasma
3 Tattoos
4 Moles
  Vascular blemishes  
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1 Rosacea
2 Angiomas
3 Telangiectasias
i Face
ii Legs
3 Leg veins
4 Vascular birthmark / Port wine stain
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1 Acne treatment íV Cynergy, Blue light treatment, Chemical peel
2 Depressed scar íV Affirm, ScarLet RF
3 Red marks- Cynergy, IPL
  Hair removal  
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  Skin rejuvenation  
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1 Dynamic wrinkle íV Botox
2 Wrinkle íV Affirm, Polaris, Cynergy, ST ReFirme, Restylane, Ultherapy
3 Skin texture and poresíV Affirm, Polaris, IPL, Scarlet RF, Cynergy, Chemical peels,
4 Skin laxity íV ST refirme, Scarlet RF
5 Skin tightening and lifting - Ultherapy
  Body contouring  
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  Facial contouring    
  (wart, skin growths, moles)