Acne is a common skin condition among young people and sometimes leaves scarring. There are different types of acne scars including ice-pick scars (small but deep pits), superficial or deep boxcar scars and rolling scars which give the skin an uneven appearance. Some people may even develop keloid scar.
Laser treatment for depressed acne scars
  Ablative laser resurfacing is useful in the treatment of acne scarring by removing layers of skin until the scars improve. However, it carries a longer down time. Non-ablative resurfacing treatments offers the potential for improvement with much reduced side effects and minimal down time.

The non-ablative resurfacing system delivers over 1,000 diffractive micro beams onto the skin. High level fluence apex heat remodels collagen while the low level bulk heating stimulates collagen production. Its microthermal - rejuvenation system is similar to a gentle laser resurfacing in improving the skin texture. With a series of five or six monthly treatments, this system helps to smooth acne scars as well as improve pore size and wrinkles. Sunburn-like redness for one to two days is usually the only after effects.

The minimally invasive fractional bi-polar radiofrequency system delivers desired radiofrequency energy through the tips of micro-needle electrodes at skin level from 0.5mm to 3.5mm. It provides direct volumetric heating precisely at the specific collagen layer with fine control of the depth. It stimulates collagen remodeling and regeneration and hence improves acne scar and pore size. It also helps to reduce sebum and acne by constricting the function of the sebaceous gland.
Treatment of acne red marks
  The combination vascular system delivers two different lasers independently or in a synergistic way. Both lasers (Pulse dye laser and Nd:YAG laser) target the blood vessels and pigment. By selecting either laser or used in combination, the laser system can effectively reduce acne red marks with a minimum of discomfort and side effects.

The IPL system can also reduce the redness and pigment left by acne, in addition to improving the skin texture with minimal down time.