Hair removal using laser and light source is a well established method of treating unwanted and/or excessive dark hair. Dark hair contains pigment (melanin) that absorbs the laser energy and converts it into heat. The hair transmits this heat into the hair follicle, which is then destroyed and rendered unable to produce a new hair.
Hair growth is cyclical, as hair follicles go through resting and growing phases. Only those follicles in the growth phase contain hair and are destroyed by the heat. Resting hair follicles need to re-enter into their growth phase before they can be effectively destroyed by the laser treatment. That's why it is necessary to repeat the treatment at intervals until all hair follicles have been through the growth phase to achieve the best result. The length and timing of the growth cycles are affected by numerous factors such as body site, hair density, thickness, ethnic origin, hormonal status and age. Clinical studies have confirmed that at least 5-9 treatments at intervals between 1-3 months are most effective.
Long pulse pigment laser system allows the pigment in the hair to absorb energy without damage to the surrounding tissue to selectively damage the hair follicles. The hairs are either permanently removed or replace by finer, lighter hair.
The IPL system is also safe and effective in hair removal. Its unique dual-mode filtering carefully filters light in two ways to ensure that only light with the correct characteristics (wavelengths) is used to treat your skin. The applicator is able to move over the entire treatment area with each flash of light.